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neat defeat

by regal murk

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here before all rot and the warm, the light from the form behind you, how they would secede (it), the sky and the sea (it), the sky and the sea, it defies me now, to what fresh hell avails itself at the dawn-- like the sun? Heaven / heaven / heaven is a prison
You can tell a lot about a man by the way he can tell a lot about another man / there's no time, dear Seneca, that I won't keep, that I don't keep in my rotting heart, maybe shit gets crazy and you just run, (in my mother tongue) maybe there's no maybe, you just run, We're downright damned, (but) Dormant, not dead, The antidote to the poison is in this case to just stop take -ing the poison / the pyre contains provisions for all comers so long as it continues to burn, forget or regret: choose one, maybe there's no maybe, it's just done, the good draws to it the good ?, the good draws to it the good ? we're downright damned
archduke 02:36
the door opened like an archduke onto the street, of all the debts i owe seems only blood can go bad or grow back, coronation of the vice chancellery, entering a fugue state each time we meet, of all the ways i know seems only things can go wrong for so long, dead i stand, demonstrably damned, the heart i need was hidden inside cut my guts out, wear them with pride and desert your homeland, if anything i won't be back here much anymore, of all the things i won't be, ones back here much anymore, dead i stood demonstrably doomed, the spine i needed was hidden inside cut yer bones out wear them with pride and desert your homeland, desert your home
the brutal survivalist lie comes back to circumvents the night I know you could but I know you could but do you want to?
you are the bridge that blames the sea, untie my fist in perfect asymmetry, out of shit and mist, i will regret this, intomb the nest, intomb the hive, exhume the set, cause i don't want to live like this, always, hit or miss, i will forget this, turn my body down, that's enough if i'm there i don't wanna be around before the combination, there is a culmination before the combination locks
ecclesiastes 02:13
if you run your mouth on your dying day, watch the words crawl out and try to get away, there's a lot of new things underneath the old sun, better hunt them all down, ecclesiastes, if you burn your mouth on the molten core, spit the world back out declassify our crimes, there's a lot of new things underneath the old sun, better write this all down, ecclesiastes, you got defanged after the tooth and nail defense, in the controlled demolition of your voice, saying i don't have a choice, a man is made whole by the holes in his heart
you can hear it in the ringtones of their forefathers, or you can taste it in their carbonated blood, this provocation isn't one it doesn't mean any particular harm, they don't know and they don't care, beware!, beware! just judging by the laughter i can't tell what's after me, it's just the scent of blood in the air, symptoms hard to see at first, by the glare of the nightmares, yellow bellied bastards singing from the rafters, 'hey, i don't know and i don't care,' prepare!, prepare!, reaper, prepare!
you believe the earth was made by some bored cunt in seven days, now sacrifices must be made. scattered showers on the day means god brought flowers to your grave; some sacrifices must be made. did you ever believe in anything other than your own self-preservation? precambrian days are here again somehow. funny how the light can change, you've fought the fire with the flame so sacrifices must be made. after years and nothing came, the corner stone and tombs the same one, sacrifices must be made. well did you ever believe in anything other than your own self-preservation? manichaean days are here again somehow
(domitus )DOMESTICATED ANIMALS they venus-infer they auction the cure (animus) Domesticated animals they jekyll and hyde the slip and the slide /(the fall and decline) [didn't ask to ] methodological study of the smoke-filled room red tooth and claw seeing threats in the night it's what persistence hunters do sealed for freshness in your tomb (carbon-based) DOMESTICATED ANIMALS they garland the claws reinforce the walls (cut and paste) domesticated animals they lasso the moon consort with the brutes think I saw you / painting faces on such heavenly bodies putting names to them counting virtues off on my red right hand as horace, milton, cave command-ed (heaven's gate) DOMESTICATED ANIMALS they queen the ensnare they surface to air (7th day ) domesticated animals hierarchy of needs can die if it bleeds they dyson the sphere play it by year / condition response hypno the toad enigma the code they jump from the book forsake and forsook
interregnum 03:00
appeasing false gods appearing at odds with myself interregnum/interregnum the circle defied survival is hard on your health interregnum/interregnum it may take a vast and somewhat abstract love to overcome what they've done the fall and decline the canonization of the crime interregnum/interregnum all prospects consigned the hammer of the witch in our times interregnum/interregnum we are at the mercy of shameless bastards is it any wonder what comes after?
don't die young, in the parlor with the antique christ, with the reaper in your locket, in the chambers when you rest your eyes, with her lizard in your pocket, to be honored to be in your lie, with the rock'm sock'm robots, the devil in shirtsleeves tells me things i don't want to believe he says 'what i wouldn't do if i couldn't stay, if i lost my head at the neck i'd be dead in days,' the devil in shirtsleeves hasn't shaved in a week and he needs me to help settle a bet, roll his cigarette, catalog his debts, lift the ledger from the carapace, the devil in shirt sleeves doesn't sleep, doesn't sleep, doesn't sleep
practice makes premeditated i wouldn't know what's worse wake me when the sun's sedated under the rival earth it's not right, but it's one way to go sometimes there's only i don't know the stars enumerated, sustained by what it once was just some insurrectional one off nondenominational, not insemination of, not reformation of blood is what i'm worth my weight in heaven and not much earth watch them as they bathe and wade in until the tides reverse it's not light but now it's time to go sometimes there's only i don't know the scars innumerated, sustained by what it once was
make with the holy break lights and owing to false rooms whereby sight or some wraiths recompense come through, i'll do without the slight of hand if you might abandon it, hereby bound to the breach, some heathen moon replies, 'just take your time,' an idleness seeps rarely from the wound, oh how i felt their eyes upon us, the lord or just his spies in congress, emptying out your heart is not a crime, you can lose bottles of blood and be fine, seems like you die but, just don't look inside where it should be, carry on insouciantly, emptying out your heart is not a crime, you can lose bottles of blood and be fine
every little song i don't write, did i give the best years of my life to you to piss? it's at the center of the sight lines, every little lie i told you, every little lie that came true, they're at the center, it's toward the center of the sight lines. ...baby i'm not blind, maybe i'm not blind anymore. i can use a sights or you can use the door, dootdootdoot
--in accordance with the wishes of the dead they will be fed to the lions, supper with friends, anatomical revelations, a phantom limb fastening the spirit to the skin, there's a sky burial coming for you and me, it's just a landline baby i don't know what it's supposed to, in commiseration with the casket, she's had it running with incisors, patterned the piss, rank and file piled, felled with a kiss an animus coursing through the cold monolith, there's a hell fire burning for you and me, it's just a fail safe maybe i don't know if it's supposed to, it's just that i don't/i don't/i don't/ i don't/i don't know, or maybe i don't/i don't/i don't/ i don't understand, about the promised land, in praise of broken promises above, with gods like these who needs demons, moving through you like flaming doors
beastfucker 02:12
those who suppose death the worst thing that can happen to a man haven't lived very long or lack imagination; i see myself there with you, coupled up, there is also a beast there, he wants to know my name i tell him to get fucked, i say ''hey beast, go get fucked,' i see myself there, shackled up with you, there is also a priest there he wants to know my name i say "hey priest- get fucked,”
we regret to inform you that the magic is dead, humanizing our tormentors it went straight to their heads, shootin off your lighting at the sun, fustigation aside it's no fun, lounging at the battle of bull run, i don't want to die alone or on the run or in a pile or pissing blood. we regret to inform you that your homes made of lead, and asbestos kept you warm while you slept in your bed, calling out your demons one by one, summoning the patrons of the mud, i don't want to look away or be obeyed or pray for anyone
it does not follow, in defiance of the sum, when in a cesspool of innovation, when sublimation's been your best asset, confirmation biases/coincidence happens, it does not matter, it does not follow, it's just a shitty approximation
on the race to the grave you're well ahead of us all i'm the last of my name i have failed as an animal never going to see when they comfort me i'll read about it after all or the call in the night that sings some closing to your chapter ides on the eve some phanta-caesar vector to my raster these conversations are not helping no. guess i'll pray for luck wring my hands and run my mouth you know it must be so fine to raise from ash and shining everythings going to be alright everythings going to die inside everything's going to be alright you'll see yayaya you'll see yayaya you'll better watch that collateral composition, boy the dirt-based deity/'s on my side
Diddy Kong, donkey kong, don quixote what I am, what I was, what I won't be- I summon christ the dead will rise cujo was right you will be mine or-- it's only once then there's always nothing you should take solace in the fact that bigger frauds were not found out for longer I know my way back from here it's never been quite this clear with the lights out i'm the seer pacing the pages the lining of the cages the body dislocated inside itself in phages by the howl of the horde in harmony diddy kong, donkey kong, don quixote god or times infinite kill streak is on my mind again i know i will be among them collapsed, doomed or destined, all art is palliative care it hurts me but i want it to
for a curse you wear it well, beach front property in hell,maybe i don't need your help no more, there's nothing left worth taking, everything that wasn't nailed down (is gone),, if there's ever any doubt, just to what the myth amounts, return to the poison well, how to bottle, how to sell, we've nothing left for you but untapped venom, maybe just fuck off, commodified remains, primordial carrion is not for sale, there's no one left worth waking, fuck it all just burn the mother down, there no sense in the taming, god damn just put 'em in the ground
sever my consciousness, I won't be coming back for you, you're just a laugh track, honey, ballast, as the broken moon. maximalisted, i'll get ill when you want me to, i'm just a flat track bully, pulling punches in my room. there's nothing that I wouldn't do to get even with you. – forget your wax lips, black lists tell what you're not to do, we're in the last ditch, sick of carrying the motions through. come back in august (there) won't be nothing left here for you, i'm just the one-trick pony, your macaroni in my glue
start small and build things of significance or you don't build nothing at all
absentia 02:42
from under an entry entitled 'how to make the same mistake twice,' that a mask is just some dream with two eye holes, 'i'll hold it up by the throat to the light,' two broken things, and an ancillary should your heart deceive you, out of an elemental form, far from my idols, mine chosen enemy, assume the form, i fought it like i wasn't one, but how else can a coward run, naming names in absentia


recorded 2015-19 brooklyn, ny.


released July 5, 2019

z. schwartz
s. Knapp backing vox. track 4, 7 & 15.


all rights reserved



regal murk Brooklyn, New York

haha f

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