all fear the golden hour

by the caspar weinbergers

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(free) 02:18


released October 2, 2011


all rights reserved



regal murk Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: hold it up by the throat to the light
Hold it up by the throat to the light
Track Name: as the story goes, ultimately, no
As the story goes, ultimately no, ultimately, I will die, another time. In the polity and of the cemetery, and I would be a roasted duck to give a fuck, there are two sides where you can hide, but the truth is there isn’t no wrong, no right
Track Name: don't give your heart away (for nothing)
don’t give your heart away for nothing you’ve got to make them pay, yet chaos but at what costs, might not you want to sway and sing here, might not it be redeemed. What gives gets taken away, ‘no’s something you’ve got to learn to say in there heretofore unforeseen abridged infinity
Track Name: sway dance; a measure for the means
upon a sheen of burnt glass and gasoline, something I don’t need, that’s what the others bring: a punishing, sad eyed the sea it sings, wing-tipped and rotary, dust to the other thing: apostasy, my dear reverbery, a measure for the means, the flames begin to recede
Track Name: age will be a dress
somebody told me I should, somebody said I should, how age will be a dress, and that the holocaust was the rapture, you missed out, mrs. thatcher, like the blondes ground into your pastures ‘came comfort food, and we didn’t know until after, I just had heard it from the bastard progeny of wilber arnsehm, that fell through, I was from the irish sun it hadn’t happened yet, I would get a talking to. don’t you have the right to run, the right to fucking run, in the ever-afternoon? How age will be a dress

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